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Attractions of Sri Lanka

From palm sheltered beaches to ancient temples, palaces, virgin forests and lush gardens, Sri Lanka has a multitude of attractions to suit the tastes and needs of every one.

Thanks to its unique geographical position and a three thousand years long history Sri Lanka has an unusual concentration of attractions for a small country situated in the edge of the Indian subcontinent.

With golden beaches, elephant and leopard roaming forests, ancient temples and mist covered lush tea and spice gardens, Sri Lanka has continued to mesmerise the global tourists, who landed on its shores for the last three millennia.

Mostly known as the nirvana for beach lovers, Sri Lankan beaches provides a variety of experience. No matter whether you are a sea lover looking to laze under the palm groves gaining a fabulous tan, a fan of the surf seeking to conquer the ocean on a surf board, an avid explorer looking for ocean’s hidden treasures or an lover of animals wanting to meet the gentle giants of the ocean, Sri Lankan oceans has all the things every one desires.

As one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world, Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of rare and endemic animal, bird and amphibian species, which are mostly concentrated in the primary and secondary forest covers of the country. The island is also home to the world’s first and largest elephant orphanage, which rehabilitates abused and sick elephants from around the world. In a move to protect the country’s gentle giants three national parks has been created and dedicated to elephants, sloth bears, leopards and multitude of birds, which make the country’s skyline colourful.

For history buffs around the world, Sri Lanka is a dream come true. With a three thousand year old civilisation, which has absorbed many traditions and techniques from the neighbouring countries and visiting nations, Sri Lanka boasts of temples and stupas built with futuristic technical skills, lakes and reservoirs that continues to amaze the present day hydraulic engineers and palaces and cave temples that have withstood the tests of time and nature.

Although Sri Lanka, is world renowned for tea of the finest quality, it was only introduced to the country by British colonials, who ruled ancient Sri Lanka for 133 years as a supplement to the country’s coffee industry which was giving away under the fast spreading coffee rust. Today Sri Lanka is the fourth largest tea producer in the world known to produce some of the best tea in the world today.

Concentrated mainly to the central highlands of Sri Lanka, tea gardens house breath-taking views and luxury bungalows, which were once the residents of colonial planters of yesteryears.

With many big adventures packed into a small island, Sri Lanka has something of everyone from leisure to sightseeing and adventure.

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